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self-portrait-altissimo-al-tanWelcome to My Story.

Al Tan is a full-time professional wedding photographer based in Singapore.

Al’s work in the creative field started as early as his undergrad days in NUS, commissioned by numerous online retailers as their primary website designer. The thriving small business helped him acquire his first photography equipment and into the then still niche hobby of photography.

This was the formative years for him to hone his craft as he experimented with lighting, shooting angles and hues to arrive at the perfect picture. A perfect picture he learnt is subjective from the viewers’ perspective and only measured by the intensity of emotions it’s able to invoke.

Not surprisingly, he became highly sought after to shoot for both family and corporate events which he gladly acceded, out of a passion for the art form.

He finally found his true calling and left the glitzy world of banking and a lucrative career to start in 2011, which core is on bridal and wedding day photography.

A Singapore wedding photographer, Al prides himself on telling the wedding story from different perspectives, be it from the beaming parents, the anxious bride or the eager groom. Documenting every subtlety of the day’s proceedings judiciously, Al seeks to immortalise the key moments in images that bring back the adrenalin rush of the gate crashing, grandeur of the wedding procession and the boisterousness of the yum seng choruses…

He will help you capture the moments of your wedding just as you envision them. With an emphasis on affordable wedding photography in Singapore, he promises to capture your dreams and makes them a reality. Whether you are looking for a nostalgic flair for that vintage and classic feel or fun and whimsical photos to bring out the passion and capture the romance and intimacy of your wedding, Al will capture it all. Life is all about emotion connections and living each minute to the fullest.

Emotions and touching photography are what is needed to put a touch to the reality of the wedding. Al believes capturing those emotions and touches is what brings authentic memories of the vows and commitments that a couple can relive every time they look at their wall or album.

The versatility in Al’s photography is what makes him a one stop shop for Singapore wedding photography and photoshoot. At the onset of his career, Al was inspired by dream and destination of Wedding and bridal photography. Al understands that once you hung that dress, all you are left with are memories of your big day. These photos must capture and preserve those memories so after many years, you can still relive this moment just as if they happened yesterday. Al emphasises on natural and candid photography style is what destination weddings are all about. If you have ever imagined gorgeous destination wedding photos, you will love what Al does.

Imposing lofty standards on himself, Al’s pursuit for excellence is only exceeded by his dedication to his clients. He is sensitive to your needs and eager to customise solutions and share ideas to make your day extra special.

Why us

As experts in bridal photography in Singapore, we have carefully selected the most breathtaking and beautiful backgrounds for your event.

From continent to continent, we know the most exquisite wedding destinations that you can double up for pre-wedding or bridal photography and honeymoon. We will not limit you to one luxury city or destination. From our schedule, you can choose Melbourne, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Bali, Boracay, Oregon, Seattle Washington, Cape town (SA), Paris, and Paris.

We have taken the time to explore these destinations after careful planning and research. So you can expect bliss and comfort without any hitches. We understand the complexity that can come with logistics for overseas wedding photoshoot & overseas bridal photoshoot and we have done everything to take care of these inconveniences. Al just wants you to sit back, smile, and let him capture that joy and romance.

Feel free to contact him and to share your dream wedding plans and talk about how he can play a part in the beginning of an exciting phase in your love story.

Thank you 🙂

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Hear what clients say about us


I would wholeheartedly recommend AT for your AD photographer. We both love the morning montage which was completed within a limited time frame. The day was fuss free & comfortable with him taking care of the events, many of the shots were captured even without us noticing! Thanks for the tough day.


Special thanks to Al & team for the photos beautifully taken on our Wedding over 2 days. Al had paid lots of attention to details when capturing the shots and he constantly engaged us to prepare us for the shots. Even the candid shots were naturally captured (our family loved them very much!). Friends and relatives (young & old) were impressed & excited with the live projection of the photos during our reception.  
Really appreciate the great help for capturing our special moments. Definitely will recommend your service to others!!.. Great Job to Al & Team.

Evelyn Chng

Hi Al, thanks so much for the beautifully captured photos from our ROM in February. I loved all the candid shots that captured the action that day! Very cool how you ‘blend into the surroundings’ like a ninja and managed to capture us and guests in our natural selves. (: Thanks again!


My wife and I engaged Al to cover our actual day photography (full day) and instant print services during the wedding dinner on Oct 11 2012. We wish to thank him for a great job by writing this testimonial, as well as to quell any doubts a potential couple might have about engaging Altissimo.
On the wedding day, I really appreciated the professionalism that Al displayed. You can completely be at ease and know that you are in good hands. Al was not just a photographer that day, he was (and still is) a friend. His lighthearted conversations will put you at ease even when you’re shaking with anxiety. As a professional photographer, Al ensured that we were always at the correct angle/position at every important moment by giving us gentle prodding and easy to follow instructions.
As for the output, the photographs were really really good. My guests praised his artistic sense and his great shots really captivated the audience during the presentation of the Morning Highlights video montage (which he prepared for me) during the wedding dinner. When we were on our honeymoon, Al posted this montage online (my wife and I didn’t have a chance to see the video montage as we were preparing for our 2nd march in) and my wife watched it in the hotel room for over 40 times on our iPad (and refused to stop). You can scroll down and see for yourself. (: My parents were also full of praise and loved the quality and direction of his photos.
No regrets in going with Altissimo to cover the most important day of my life! Thank you Al for a great job and making the most memorable day unforgettable!


Al Tan was an incredible photographer during the birthday party of my 6 years old. He managed to take splendid, fun and spontaneous photos throughout the event. I was even able to see the party “storyline” and its remarkable moments. Photographing children is a challenge, but Al Tan managed to blend in and make the best of it. Thank you for immortalizing this special moment for us. I truly recommed your services!


FAQ: Here are some wedding photography common questions that you may have before engaging our services. 


How do you describe your photography and working style?

For actual day weddings, I do not usually give directions. I prefer photojournalism style, blending into background like a ninja, anticipating and capturing the peak moments as they unfold. I enjoy using natural lighting during the day shoot and use a mixture between ambient and flash photography during the evening to bring out the ambient colors while maintaining clean skin tones.

For pre-wedding photoshoot, I engage the couples, usually mixing between traditional  and photojournalistic, placing strong attention to couple’s facial expressions, body language, background lines, lighting and composition. 

Will the photos be retouched and color balanced?

All images returned are assessed for exposure and color balance.  These are edited and color toned accordingly.

Only Pre Wedding photos will have additional retouching service included.

Note that reasonable editing is not digital manipulation (eg. changing background, adding in additional person, matte painting, etc) Digital manipulation of photo are charged separately.

How many photos will we receive for AD photography? Will you return the RAW files to us?

For a usual actual day wedding day shoot of 10 hours, I return between 600 and 900 photos depending on the day’s happening.

RAW images and “negatives” will not be given under any circumstances.

Do you take group photos as well as candids?

Yes I definitely do. I believe in the value of traditional group photos. Apart from ‘taking attendance’ of guests, I had families who asked me for more past group shots after the passing of certain family members. It would be very unfortunate if I tell them I did not take them in the first place.

What is your pricing?

For single photographer, my photography rate* generally starts from SGD250 hourly (5 hours and below engagement), and SGD230 hourly (6 hours and above engagement). 

*subject to changes without notice

Is it important to have a second shooter on the actual day?

While a single photographer can capture your day, I would advise having a second shooter to ensure no awesome moments are missed. While one focuses on the father of the bride’s speech for example, the other can focus on reactions from the bride or guests, thus creating a more compelling story of your day. While I’m primarily a photojournalistic wedding photographer, and will quietly be candidly capturing moments and people, the second photographer will be doing a bit more of regular and formal photography, and this means you’ll end up with an amazing collection of different images to choose from.

Do you travel outside Singapore (overseas) for weddings?

Yes of course, I sure do and would love to. All out of Singapore commissions will incur extra cost for air tickets, accommodations and car hire when needed.

What cameras do you use? Do you have contingency should one fail?

i use two professional Canon 5D mkIII, and top ranged L lenses to give you the best quality images. The extra bodies act as a backup too in case any of them fail. 

Do you provide video services as well?

We are more than happy to refer you to our partners as we do not provide videography services.

We work extensively with Ark Moments & The Wedding Paparazzi. 
You can contact them below:


: : :  Ark Moments : : :
Tel       :   Shiwei @ 91299630
Email   :
Web    :
Add     : 18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City (by appt. only)
Tel       :   6336-1693 (o)
Add     :   261 Waterloo Street, #04-30 Waterloo Centre
               Singapore 180261 (by appt. only)

What is the charge for overtime?

I’m love most of my clients and usually do not charge if the day overruns by +-30minutes. However, for nasty and demanding clients, overtime rate is at $300 per hour.  =D

Will you follow a shot list?

I do not follow a shot list. Every wedding is unique and I prefer to have free play to capture the festivities as I see fit. 

I’m very flexible on special requests. If you have a shot list, do feel free to propose them however it will be up to my discretion whether to shoot them and how to shoot them. You see, it is difficult to keep all the list in my mind while I’m doing my best to capture the many happenings during the ceremony.

How long have you been in the business?

So far, I’ve shot more than 500 weddings in my 5 years of photography career. (:

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