by Al Tan


Hi there. I assumed you are reading this because you are looking for an actual day wedding photographer aren’t you? ˙ ͜ʟ˙

I hope you like my works. My photography style can be described more towards photojournalistic and documentary for actual day photography although I engage different styles for different types of shoots.

I love documenting human expressions, from the bride’s smiles to tears of the parents. It takes a particular set of skills to do that. In case you wonder whether I use flashes, the answer is – it depends. It depends on the situation and I use them whenever I need to achieve a certain look and feel I have in mind, especially during banquets where there are other coloured lights.

I use creative lighting whenever needed. Creative lighting has many advantages. It makes the subjects look more natural, sometimes slimmer as the flaws are hidden within the shadows. Subjects look more three dimensional than flat lighting and subjects pop too. Colours are more vivid, and it retains the original vibrancy of the ambient and mood of the banquet. Downsides are: it is difficult to execute and photographers who can’t do it well often result in “a deer in the car headlights” kind of lighting or either that colours won’t be as vibrant. We often joke about the deer in headlight lighting as “flash the hell out of ’em”. In additional, some couples may not like this particular style of lighting as they might prefer flat lighting where the faces lit up bright and evenly.

During the actual day photography process, i usually anticipate and let moments unfold by themselves. Seldom will I stop the couple in between and direct them to re enact a scene for me. I feel that it gives a truer meaning to actual day photography where the laughters are real, hugs are sincere, and everything just looks natural in pictures.

If my portfolio sparks your interests, do feel free to say hi. Emails and phone calls are just one or two clicks away.  ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ



You can add on Live Projection during your afternoon or evening banquet to make the evening more entertaining for your guests. They will be able to view the photos taken LIVE on the big screen. Imagine the guests can now view their candid or group photos right after they are taken. It has proven to be a big hit among the guests.



A 5-8mins video slideshows of the day highlights.
Require at least 4 hours in between breaks

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